The Unforgivable Gap
(Finding a Poem in Terry's Sprint Writing)

That is how I feel sometimes:
I am bleeding, digitally;
My screen beliefs have become
this strange acid tongue of words,
ideas scrolling ever downward,
and I refuse to abide my feelings
of my own shortcomings in silence.

Mostly, I have seen things fail:
Pedestrian, experimental, null and void.
Students need to own their power,
to share it if they want to share it,
in reverse apprenticeship.

They teach.
I learn.

I am realistically optimistic,
even as I can't help but wonder
if I ever really know
how the world actually works.

-- Kevin, with apologies to Terry (tho I know he won't want them)

The Unforgivable Gap

by dogtrax


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    Kevin "No Apologies" Hodgson. 'Nuf said. All text is grass to a hungry sheep. Thanks for being hungry. 1 year ago

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    I have done a lot more with our work here. Here is the hackpad/hayfield: https://hackpad.com/Haytime-in-March-TeEahP7xCbd 1 year ago