Begin with Exploration: A Found IMMOOC Poem
Stitched by Kevin Hodgson

Begin with

Less us;
More them.

These stories are forever
being written in the moment,
tinkered with,
in every mirror of our wonder.

forever filtered through innocence
and experience,
revised with the tendril of unknown paths
still yet ahead.
We unfold our maps, reflect,
align our compass and check the winds,
and move our way forward ….

We should be forever bound to create,
with energy, with excitement,
with possibilities
which will open up the world for us:
for you, for me.

For them.

Notice the change,
then make it happen and
dream only of the possibilities.
It may yet all crash back to reality,
leaving our fingers full of
disappointment -- loose papers
and abandoned words, thoughts
dashed upon the winds --
but dream, anyway.

Dream big.
Dream wide.
Dream into reality.

Bottle up the enthusiasm
of the moment of the shift,
so that what is discovered may be shared
with others along these
same tangent lines.
Make your mark inside the map,
then pass the map along for others
to follow.

Be available.
We cannot support those
we do not know:
students, with lives
outside these walls;
teachers, with experience
beyond this place.
Schools are but fragments
of the lives that we all lead.

But our stories mingle together
like threads of a quilt,
the needle in the hands
of the world.

It’s time to fix
what we perceive
as broken.
No journey
ever is an easy one.

Begin with

(Note: This poem was constructed from the about a dozen blog posts of people in the Innovator’s Mindset MOOC. Phrases were borrowed and remixed, and altered to fit the poem as it began to take shape. What may remain for some are mere echoes of what they wrote. Thank you to all the writers who didn’t know their words might float somewhere and land up in this poem. -- Kevin)

Begin with Exploration

by dogtrax


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