A Remix Poem: For Torn Halves

I am a node
in your network,
spinning an invisible string
in your invisible web ...

... the time machine takes me back
and I am listening,
my ear pressed to the screen ...

... for what is education anyway
but form, and its function is not
specific content,
but the gathering
of knowledge that might build
on the hopes of the past

Be wary of ideology
that promises freedom while
merely shackling us to another version
of what we seek to shake off,
the trading of one prison for another,
putting us into endless loop patterns ....

I am a node
but more than a connection,
the spider who ponders while spinning,
wondering at the beauty behind her
and unsure of the world ahead.

-- Inspired by http://www.digitalcounterrevolution.co.uk/2016/knowledge-abundance-and-digital-pedagogy/

Torn Halves

by dogtrax


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    To be honest, there is something rather disturbing in the idea that one has somehow come to acquire a network in which others think of themselves as nodes.

    We are inclined to believe that there is no hope without the refusal of nodality. over 3 years ago