The Creator born me to be loved and to be happy, because I was made to bathe in the light and also to experience, and of course I have suffered but it was for good reason, and now I am better, and I am stronger for it.

I have gone through dark times, but don't we all. At least I have the memory of it, but that memory serves me little in the present.

And I am still on that journey with a whole life ahead of me filled with laughter, emotions, and new experiences, but at least I can say I have once suffered, even if I am not proud of it. But honestly I am more proud of what I have now, and the prosperous future that awaits, and all the people I shall meet, and the food that I have never tasted.

The journey has only begun, but at least I know I have that choice to embark on it, and the choice to be happy because this is what I was born to do and be, and act and feel.


by danielnguyen


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