An Apple Per Day: Day 31-41 Am I Hungry Enough to Eat an Apple?


Is that why I'm so fat?

Apparently, I've been breaking a carnal food rule and I didn't even know it. My feeble effort at dieting ends today and begins in earnest tomorrow.

Not hungry enough to eat an apple? Then I guess there is no reason I can't put the taco down.

Today, a colleague asked if I was still writing my apple blog. Yes! No matter how sporadically - my year long commitment to the apple shall persevere!

Unless, of course, these apples turn out to be toxic. Apparently, according to aforementioned colleague - the apples you buy from the grocery store are an average of 14 months old!

Yes, a woman can grow a human life and then some and the shelf life of a grocery store apple will have remained in tact.

The magic is in the wax. Turns out it's not just for the shine but for locking in that farm fresh just picked look.

Wax on or wax off? Maybe it's time to bite the bullet and check out some organic options.

So, am I healthier yet?

I've lost 8 pounds since the New Year. I'm off heartburn meds and my immune system seems to be holding strong against the onslaught of seasonal colds and flus ravaging public school staff and students by the dozen.

Ughh. I really don't like apples.

An Apple Per Day: Am I Hungry En...

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