An apple per day: Day 22-30: Not as easy as apple pie.

It's been awhile since my last entry. I have been eating my apple per day as usual. Surprised at myself for not giving up quite yet and I still have yet to fancy them.

Despite my despise for this globular fruit, I will say that I have noticed lately that everything around me tends to reference apples in some way.

Apple TV, apple recipes, apple-per-day magazine articles with in-depth articles on blood glucose levels.

Yes. I have dreamed about apples. Why won't they just go away!!!!!

One of my co-workers dryly comments every once in awhile - when I look down at yet another Golden Delicious with despair - that they could write an "apple pie per day" blog.


Perhaps I'll have the last laugh. This last week or so my colleagues, wife, friends and even my kid have come down with this weird stuffy cold/sinus thing that only lasts for a few days but robs your energy right along with your sense of humor.

The Dana 'status-quo' is to be the first to be felled by vendettas from begrudged microbes. I'm sniffling a bit today and yet my energy is stable and a would-be sore throat seems to be at bay.

Could this be the apple per day defense in action?

I plead the fifth.

An Apple Per Day: Day 22-30: NOT...

by danahjennings


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