An Apple Per Day: Day 15, 16 & 17

Whew. What an incredibly hectic week! Blogging once per day about my apple eating exploits sounded so easy when I was in my holiday eggnog haze. Now, in the light of day as a devoted mom, wife and full-time elementary school special ed educational assistant, I look back at my once a day blogs and wonder if perhaps, just perhaps, I set myself up for a bit of a failure.

The last few days have been all about the Golden Delicious apple and generosity.

Did you know an apple can be an incredible gift?

After a work injury to my left wrist on the 9th of this month left me (literally) short-handed at work - my incredible co-workers pitched in to help in so many thoughtful ways.

While I have big plans to repay their generosity now that I am on the mend - I was able to offer a fresh and sweet Honey Crisp Apple to one of my co-workers who had been craving one all day - but bulked at the $2.99/lb price tag.

It just so happened that I had that very apple in my lunch sack and felt so lucky I'd brought it with me to work that day.

Sometimes, an apple really IS enough.

The Golden Delicious apples I've enjoyed the last few evenings are smaller, sweeter, less crunchy, but still almost just as satisfying as my Honey Crisp apple - even if they don't hold a candle to Pink Lady apples or those yummy JonaGold apples.

I've experimented a lot with how I eat my apples and may take the recommendation of another knowledgeable co-worker of mine to consider seeking out organic apples just to see how they measure against my usual grocery store fare.

So far, my heartburn is so much less bothersome, it's practically gone. I've also lost 7 pounds and many of my usual late night sugar cravings.

No, apples aren't quite my friends yet, but, I don't miss my 50 shades of GERD nor the side effects of medications for symptom relief.

Sometimes, apples are expensive. But, so far, I've made no trips to my primary for heartburn this year and have trekked only once to the pharmacy.

My pocket book thanks me daily.

An Apple Per Day: Days 15/16/17

by danahjennings


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