An Apple Per Day: Day 13 & 14 Jazz-Hands

Has anyone else heard of a Jazz apple? Me neither. The last couple of heartburn free afternoons I've been indulging during my morning break in giant hunks of unnecessarily juicy Jazz apples.

Say it, don't spray it is the expressions that comes to mind each time I take a bite.

And, while I'm not a big fan of a thick-skinned apple - neither am I a fan of the mushy thin skinned layer that dares to bare the label.

Still...I have less heartburn. I seem to go for just a bit longer between snack times and I even chose a Chai-Tea Latte today instead of my usual 1,000 calorie triple espresso affairs.

That is definitely something. What yet? Too soon to say.

An Apple Per Day: Day 13 & 14 Ja...

by danahjennings


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