An Apple Per Day: Day 11 & 12: Just like Granny Smith Use to Make

Last night and this morning (double-blog to catch up from an unfortunate wrist sprain) I braced myself for the grand Granny Smith apple eating experiment.

Did you know you can get a Masters Degree in Appleology? Well, in food science anyway, which includes the apple.

Food scientists report that while the Granny Smith apple is more acidic than the sweet snack apples of my 'early' blogging days - it is higher in flavonoids. Powerful antioxidants in the Granny Smith apple can reduce the risk of chronic ills, such as: Type II Diabetes, Stroke, and Heart Disease.

If you want whiter teeth, naturally, the tart bite of the Granny Smith apple encourages saliva, which can assist in washing away yucky teeth staining mouth bacteria. This high fiber, low-cal snack is great for digestion and satiation. The fuller your tummy feels - the less likely you are to reach for that cookie or second taco.

As an added bonus, for those of us with heartburn/GERD or other digestive issues - the same saliva build-up from good old Granny S encourages yucky tummy acid back down the esophagus and into the recesses of the tummy from which it came.

(Supposedly. I'm a bit skeptical regarding the sheer number of apples one must consume to reach the desired health-effects. Yes, this does mean that At some point this year I will invest a week eating more than one apple per day.

That week has not arrived yet.)

Finally, the Granny Smith apple is high in potassium - which can regulate electrolytes, your heartbeat etc.

Can you, my dearest reader, tell that I'm desperately trying to use concrete scientific fact to encourage the consumption of the Granny Smith apple?

I certainly cannot encourage consumption of these raw, acidic, green little globes of tart and bitter. Such an argument would be futile.

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