An Apple Per Day: Day 8 The Cameo apple makes her appearance and doesn't know when to take her leave

Before embarking on apple-per-day shenanigans I did what any scientist would do. Polled my Facebook friends to ascertain what myths & legends they'd heard about apples.

Luckily, this informal survey was quite fruitful.

Now, statisticians have made careers from the concept of the outlier. So, here is mine. My dear friend Al posted that she'd heard apples make you temporarily less intelligent for a few hours.

She cautions against the consumption of an apple before any sort of exam. She is also passionately anti-cilantro.

Just, FYI.

As any good friend would do - I immediately scoffed at her advice.

I work in education and callously ate my Cameo apple during a mid-morning work break.

Turns out, outliers are NOT, I repeat, NOT to be disregarded and tossed aside. Suffice it to say that after said break - I was not smarter than a 5th grader.

As I blathered through the rest of my work-a-day (smile and nod - smile and nod) the only thing worse than my temporarily diminished capacity was the lingering, spit-like aftertaste of my Cameo apple.

Ewww. Is it 2015 yet?

My faith in the apple as a tribute to educators has been shaken to the core.

An Apple Per Day: Day 8 Do apple...

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