Today, I ate a Pink Lady apple. Again, not down to the core, but I'm working up to it?

Now, I am starting to understand why we have so many varieties of apples. I'm not sure the delicate flavor of the Pink Lady apple would stand up to the cinnamon, spice and heat necessary for apple pie. To be quite honest, I never thought that much about the nuanced flavors of my fruit. By nuanced, I don't mean the difference between "green," "ripe" or otherwise, but the fragrances and notes of an apple.

This is where I must reiterate that the Pink Lady apple has not a convert to the fruit made. I approached the task (yes, task) with a kind of dread today. The drudgery of eating a whole apple every day. For the next 363 day.

Apples take forever to eat. The juicy apples are messy. The seeds are bothersome. One time when I was a kid I bit into an apple and found a worm. And what exactly do you do with the core when you are on the go? I guess it's better to toss an apple core out the car window than a cigarette butt (not that I would know as I've done neither).

No. An apple isn't a morning Starbucks and my Pink Lady apple was not going to fit snuggly in my car cup holder.

Yesterday, I ate my apple late in the day, unsure if I could do this at all. Today, I grappled with it after lunch. For the second day in a row I observed an absence of my epic heartburn. I've also been grappling with an epic seasonal illness that began with a fever and tapered to an occasional barking cough. Today, aside from a still hoarse voice, my cough was hard to find and I had energy to keep up with my little one on these last few days before school and work begin again, all of which could be happenstance, logical illness progression, a good nights sleep or heightened health-consciousness among a million other reasons.

Or maybe it's the apple.

The Pink Lady Apple: Day 2

by danahjennings


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