There was a time when “Moving images” were the sole depiction of life. The absence of knowledge, experience, and passion evoked a sense of comfort in simplicity. Concepts such as social justice, environmentalism, science, systems, religion, and activism were nonexistent.

Our minds, struggling to adapt to the world through a series of developmental processes, fought for the preservation of innocence... Inevitable forfeiture was the only outcome, as it became overwhelmed by constant sensual stimulation.

What we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch delineates our insight of the world around us. We develop a sense of awareness of our surroundings. We become conscious of the reality of problems. We then begin to question the origin of our predicaments… but we don’t stop there. We begin questioning ourselves: our environment, our nature and our intellect.

The race for knowledge begins.

Our journey through a world of exploration instigates intellectual progression. Exploration is part of the human condition. It is therefore essential if growth is to take place. Both personal and intellectual growth deteriorates the manifestation of innocence in us.

Innocence then… is nothing more than a regressive silhouette.

Growing Up: The Regressive Sil

by ct_caleb


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