He took stands at the glass.
He gets a manual of surviving just based on his third thoughts.
He stands up real, nothing else above and below.
He identify himself special, because he's the same as the others.

He fought.
He fought so hard until the pain makes him relax.
He pressed his lungs as it just like the first breath.
He fights against his own with a double-barred chainsaw, and white flag as a sidearm

His sentient as a human being stands at what he must watch, what he must play, and what side of the bread he should slice.
In the path of adolescence, he creates a transparent wall, with magnifier.
So the people around him can see inside him.
"No matter what, i don't want to see what's on the outside of me"
I'm the greatest man of all. The part i only grow up is when i'm rot.
The path of adolescence is still the 70-year-old gesture of all.

I'm the grown up man who doesn't...

by ceasarioh


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