“Reaching out”
A fictional story based on true events

Fearless she lived
No doubts in her eyes
Her mind screaming for her to run
But her feet are planted where they are
And when all thoughts drifted away
Her goal seems to be established
Covered in dust and fear
Broken inside but yet so strong
What had come over her?
And when all seems lost
An angel falls out of the sky
"I have arrived to enrich your soul" - The angel said
"To take away the fear you have suffered"
"To be your helping hand"
"You can do it, if you want"
"No one can take your choice"
"Only if you doubt about what is given you"
"There are so many ways to go, to leave"
“Many goals to reach, if you dare to try"
“Believe you have what it takes”
“We all have doubts and questions on choices”
“Is this what you want?”
“There are so many things to consider in life”
“The fear of failure can overshadow everything”
“You have to let him go”
Because the most beautiful thing you've got…
…Is a light, shining clearly – The angel said
“And it lives within you”
“A compass which lights up your night”
“All a human wants is to be remembered by what is given him in life”
“Memorizing the days”
With the many uncertainties, of one thing she was sure
She could not escape love
The very thing that had kept her mobile since that day
The day she realized she was capable of giving and receiving it

Full of conviction and power, she took the angel to the most beautiful place that existed
"Where are we?" - The angel asked
"In a special place," The girl whispered "where magic is real"
She wanted to stay forever with him
The girl swam in his eyes
Shadows of temptation drawing her into infinite depths
A breath away from his tantalizing mouth
The thudding of her pulse hurt
The knocking of her heart brushed her soul
She sank into him
When she admired his big and mighty wings
The angel was the one chosen to reach out to embrace
And be loved by the heart
The journey of endless possibilities was started
To travel to places for people unknown
And go to the very end of time
“I may have not been born into a world” – The angel said
“But I was created in the infinite stars”
“Where everything seems meaningless”
“But yet at the same time meaningful”
"Can you truly tell me?" - The angel asked
"You with your heart leaping over itself in fright"
"That you can be my lover? My future and helpmeet, my comfort and passion?"
The girl replied full of joy
"You don't love someone because they're a dream of perfection"
"You love someone because of the way they meet their challenges, how someone struggles to overcome"
“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own”
“You have to be truly and faithful”
Gazing into each others eyes, they were lost in intensity
It was like looking into the bluest sky and carrying on to infinity
They felt mesmerized, hypnotized and transfixed all at once

And in those few moments a lifetime was lived
The lifetime of infinity
And when they took flight
In those precious few moments
They experienced what it meant to be truly in love
The girl floats into the air
And before they fly away, in the infinite sky
They are Reaching out

“Reaching out”A fictional stor

by bramversluis129


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    Story is created on some quotes found online, if there's some problems with that. Contact me, I'll put down this story and keep it for myself. almost 3 years ago