These games of hate,
You played with me.
Called me a friend,
Called you a friend.

In school, life's a daisy,
But over the phone, life's a regret.
Why have I caught myself
In your web of hate
In your den of grief
In your home of hurt.
Why, did I do this to myself.

I'm dying, don't ya see,
Your killing me inside and out.
Was this your goal,
To patronize me?

I shield myself, with the armor I have,
But you always have a bigger sword
A bigger shield
A bigger helmet
A bigger ego.

How does killing me,
Day after day
Help you with your insecurities?
I lift you up,
I mourn with you,
I let you vent,
I'm your shoulder to cry on,
But I'm not the diary you kick to the side
Until you need to write your feelings down.

Alas, I've come to a conclusion.
I've wasted my time
I've let opportunities slip
I've let others down
I've made people frown
All to find out you were a waste of my time.

Your eyes cut me,
Your soul scared me,
Your personality confused me,
Your looks hypnotized me
But your game,
Didn't trick me.


by blurredcities


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