Alas, you've killed me.
You've stabbed me a hundred times,
With a knife we call words.
You played the game of being my friend
I played along with the hope of your acceptance.

Alas, I've died
Your words were like a rope around my waist
Constantly pulling tighter,

Alas, I'm hurt,
I'm grieving in pain.
The looks you cut me with,
The laughs you drowned me in,
The death you've given me.

My soul has died,
A thousand times
I've drowned in your lies
And your hateful little sighs.

Alas, for I am not at loss;
For YOU have lost my trust.
You've lost a good friend, who treats you
With respect and love,
And in return, I received this death
You sent me through.

You made fun of me,
You argued with me,
You played with me,
And you killed not just me,
But us,
In the end.


by blurredcities


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