The last word my baby say is "don't cha let me die"
And tha killa think he gonna live but that's a lie
Cuz when I catch ya, ya know that ya life is through
And if I have to do some time, that's what I'm gonna do
And when I catch that thug, ima show no love, have to see my baby girl covered up wit mud.
Im at tha killas house
cuz im full of pain.
His ma gone feel tha same cuz ima blow his brain.
Im at his front do' wit tha 4-5, tears in my eyes, killas gotta die
U kno I did him in, now mommy in tha pen,
I have ya pictures hangin up while I do my 10.

Ghetto Twins: Mamma's Hurtin

by biancanicole


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