Sean Freeman


Sean Freeman

London, England

A love for words and beautiful images led Sean Freeman to explore a harmony of both, spreading his wings to lift up his own studio: THERE IS, specializing in creative typography, illustration and art direction.

Based in East London, and under the watchful eye of his 15-year-old (slightly fat) French-Canadian cat, Sean creates award-winning typographic treatments and illustrations for a varied range of clients from all over the world, from advertising to music to publishing. His work has been featured in numerous books and magazines around the world. His ability to combine images and words with photographic environments to create strong and evocative visuals is driven by a flawless attention to detail. His work is known to be as powerful as it is unique: a dynamic and organic fusion of elements.

Forever curious, Sean is constantly exploring new ways of approaching his work with a love for happy accidents and a passion for visual storytelling, texture, type and everything in between.


This type treatment is a visual tale about movement, letting go and the flash of a memory. It captures a moment, in all its beauty and with all its flaws; it’s alive, trying to say something, suspended in time at the frontier of something that once was and something about to begin. I wanted to create an alphabet using a simple aesthetic that communicates a feeling that is at the same time dramatic, ethereal and pure—a kind of minimalist dreamscape. My big crush on fluid dynamics imagery drove me towards experimenting with paint and kinetic photography.

Recommended for: sharing dreams, pimping poetry, breaking big news, words of wisdom, love-fuelled thoughts, secrets and epic hellos.

Credits: Designed & Directed by Sean Freeman - Shot with Iain Crawford.