Nod Young


Nod Young

Beijing, China

Nod Young is a Beijing-based graphic designer and visual artist.

He is a partner of Tomeetyou Graphics and is widely recognised for his unique creative style characterised by accurate contours, rhythmic layout and passionate colours.

He boasts an impressive client list including Nike, Adidas, Coca Cola, McDonald's, Nokia, Microsoft, Mercedes, FIAT, and Greenpeace.

Nod’s work focuses on minimalism, geometry and colour. This reflects his world and the subtle emotions within.


Something is more attractive when we see it in an abstract way, because imagination is more beautiful.

I use the oriental topics of "mountain, river, wind, moon, wood, stone" to create this work, combined with the structure of the 26 English letter alphabet and details of Chinese character strokes.
These three basic elements are merged and influence each other. Then they combine into something new: although the details are familiar.
In Eastern aesthetics, it is more about emphasising the deep feelings of the heart than what you see.
In the process of understanding the creator's intention we are beginning to explore abstract scenery.

Recommended for: “The beauty of a landscape resides in its melancholy. — Ahmet Rasim”