Mek Frinchaboy

Passion Fruit

Mek Frinchaboy

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mek Frinchaboy, Mimi, is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who early on in life adopted a passion for letters and colours, two elements always present in her projects. She mainly works for the fashion industry, publishing houses (newspapers, books, magazines) and digital media, creating products for international brands in different countries, such as the USA, France, Spain, Chile and, of course, Argentina. You are invited to experience her universe through her website. Feel free to say, ¡Hola!


In the tropics nothing is really taken too seriously. A summer love, a message written in the sand or big projects planned under the shadow of a beautiful palm tree… Heat clears away everything! Passion Fruit gives you the opportunity to add a distinctive and haunting flavour to your texts. And it helps you to freshen and lighten up (as emoticons do) your speech, even if it is something hard to say. Take a break from your routine and enjoy life!

Recommended for: everyone who wants to say something in a relaxed mood, including a message to your boss or a letter to your next ex-boy/girlfriend. Good luck!