Mario Hugo


Mario Hugo

New York, USA

Mario Hugo is a New York-based artist, creative director and co-founder of the agency Hugo & Marie. Though he spends an inordinate amount of time in front of his computer, he still feels most honest with a pencil and two or more sheets of paper. Mario has collaborated with clients including Rihanna and Stella McCartney, and is most interested in playing in the margins where design is dictated not only by metrics, but also by some heart.


At once expressive, tactile, and unpredictable—Slippery is meant to fuel moments of elegance in automatic writing. Freeform, hand-blotted, finger-painted reliefs play with the traditional constraints of typography: think of each character as one half of a Rorschach test. Each diverse form is playfully punctuated by a sense of the tangible and the tactile.

Recommended for: the moments we feel like getting messy without getting messy.