Luca Ionescu


Luca Ionescu

Sydney, Australia

Luca Ionescu is a Sydney-based typographer, designer and artist with a range of commercial clients, such as Bazmark, Warner Bros., Lexus, RVCA, Nike, Stussy, Zoo York, MTV, Absolut Vodka and Coca-Cola, to name a few. Designer Luca is also the owner of Like Minded Studio, renowned for their logo and type work, which has been documented in numerous publications and online. The studio has received international awards and recognition from the New York Type Directors Club and D&AD; and at the Cannes Lions.


Whether you are an old fashioned-type Django, or a fast-texting, smooth-talking contemporary! Inspired by traditional wood type and classic film posters. Refined with a modern twist and delivered via Notegraphy for your texting pleasure!

Recommended for: gathering the posse at the local saloon for good times!