Floetry + A-Cut


Barcelona, España

Atelier is the result of and innovative initiative in the fields of Design and Visual Arts.Based in Barcelona, its main objective is focused on discovering and promoting new creative, experimental, analogue, and technological alternatives to boost post-digital creation.

Specialized in art direction, its creative production involves graphic, editorial, illustration, installation, motion and film projects. Characterized mainly by a narrative risk and the combination of established and emergent techniques. Atelier collaborates with schools, cultural events, institutions, artists and design-innovation creativity oriented companies internationally.


A-Cut, by Ivan Obara
A mix of geometric shapes, paper, cuts, shadows, analogue and digital with fun hand made humanistic experiments touch. Intent not to be the protagonist but the support who amplifies the words meaning, cohesively. Recommended for spread happiness, joy, good news, love messages, congrats, recipes, advices, true-life stories, fiction, inspirational and self-help quotes.

Floetry, by Angela Bardakjian
Floetry connects deeply with your inner self. Creating a relationship between the writer and his/her poetic thoughts, due to the hand crafted feel of the type. A hand made and personal filter that coexists perfectly in a digitalized media, created for the wisdom of dreamers.