Father...what's that... I wish I could say I had one.. I wanna know what It'd be like to be a "daddy's little girl" but no... Mine cares about nobody but himself. And his new family.. I'm done trying now.. You got what you wanted from me.. A reaction. For me to cry because the father I always wished I had...turned out to be a complete nightmare... I'm happy to be a mommys girl. Proud to be who I am because my mother taught me right from wrong and who to be and be proud of it. I love her so much and I'd NEVER trade her for some deadbeat dad. I'm a mommys little girl, I'm glad to have special kisses with her, learning how to bake with her. She's my whole world. Everything I have left and she'll be the one walking me down the isle on my wedding day. I'll have a mother daughter dance, and when I have kids, I'll be just fine telling them that "Nannie is enough she's perfect and you better respect her for everything she is" mom, now that's the definition of my love, I love you so much mom, your amazing and so perfect.. And I don't need a "father" in my life anymore....I'm done trusting any guy...you're all I need mom..

I love you so much momma
Love-Aireanna Énjôłï

Father...what's that... I wish…

by annahenjoli123


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