I wonder there will be, timing

when you're feeling broke, likely she'll stumble,on worth fighting for, regrets burn like arrows,
aerialist i'm gonna take this town with its
junk storys

i'll buy you tendlovingly kissed
when you're traveling through clouds
but fire blessed are shadows all around
i was talking about
the world's paracosm into loopholes saddling
it's time,spaces box
i will.... moonlight the sweet vengeance.....
testify !!?
i got that beat back, get back, get down
in a rave
of silence while you're chasing blind ecstasy imagining giking, yeah he's
it is to ride this rocket command
firsthand that the devil walks beside himself, feeling pretty spry that old moon cleared shakedown, red dress
you're still breathing
you should ask yourself everyday
oh, poor thought perhaps disguise yourself around me, blow down trees bend their hearts eyes
now and always love that stings
and show me
the way
in your dreams
that you're gonna learn
holding your heart

I wonder there will…

by ambrosiadear


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