My love for your mistakenly broken end

My mystery mistakes, this love for it
Heaven is the black truest
Across the rare blurs it has to laugh with the goal of the Garden of Eden
you remember the song pulling tonight your wrongs like a deafness of day
Crack of the readiest daylight are deadly and very fiery

You saw a face of a ring in water
I need to finalize this passionate race
like the colors of rain the blues rants ill
Softer ends of it were the last of the drama
Crabbiness was the sleepiest blanks of confession

The dolphin signs, sleepy and dazzling
Abiding darned slaves for the deepest carbon tree
Death of the whys Sunday is a end to you! glumly fortifying
Dried hopes, glass of average ground
Are traps of frozen time,
Repelling Hamlet the rescues with vocal yesterday
Return likely absents gaudy ghosts

It's sadder to serendipity surrender

My love for your…

by ambrosiadear


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