to breathe to-morrow's

freedom seeks its mother's breast,
recalled me,
but you can't unfold
that time cannot bear another

telescopic mists eternal wisdom-singer,
when they shall meet thine own,
with their sad darkly flames.​
winter wolves howl
butterfly flaps above their broken shields
underneath all things in battle for
that thou wert mouldering quarries where they belong
in their native shore,
when she falls a-drowse;
poetry mean that we should counsel you bewray.​

clinging billow's roar,
see!​ when your lips feather upon thy golden heavens
touch'd by a angel wings graze to her daily walk
underground, take your mother-loss of all this delight,
rabbit-warrens of thy knowledge!
speaking with mythic guinevere.​
devoutly issued
but heaven served hafiz,
with all their charms?​
i don't
know what you really loved...

A message from the Earth to the Universe

to breathe to-morrow's freedom

by ambrosiadear


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