do you think love thee not ,
roles in heartless hinds and sheppards blues
crying out for reason's force of his wrongs and chase !
pointless dreams vice in him will create thee ,
capricorns eden follows me too unhurtful an old man !
voice and yielding water in a spoon that must weigh out ,
letters to thy heart as burning lake below ,
your house is turned to a rusty dream to-night shall ,
royal blood of destiny crime he owes the manner of his speech ,
sincerely drowned herself would startle at this instant so I do commend you .
thinking speechless tongues and sorrows do sound so fair !
honor wilks ,the nightmare before his face I speak of peace .
sorrow chants to the borrow
of this sleepy calmness ,i resent your heart
follow flesh ,skinny dreams sow
are hopeless mind follows the stream of sorrow

do you think love…

by ambrosiadear


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