Sleep Better
1. Use what has already worked.
Think back on the nights you slept well, and apply solutions you already know have worked for you.

2. Experiment with your magic number.
Too much sleep can feel just as fatiguing as too little.

3. Bodies crave routine and rhythm.
Go to bed and wake up at the same time every night.

4. Darkness signals the body to rest.
Turn off all lights and cover any indicator lights. Shut down your computer, tv, and cell phone at least an hour before bedtim.

5. Internal warmth and external cool are key! Hot decaffeinated drinks or a hot shower help increase your internal temperature. Cooler room temperatures tell the body it's nighttime and time to sleep.

6. Give your mind something good to rest on. Guide your mind through beautiful scenery or a relaxation exercise to help it get in the mood to rest and to protect it from sliding into worry or to do lists.

Sleep Better

by amberlyda


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