It's you who righted my wrongs,
You who held me up for so long,
You who make me watch your struggle,
Trying to hide your pain so subtle,
If only you could let me be,
The man I see you need in me,
I would guide you down that road,
And face your demons, to avert your woes,

When I hit my lowest low,
Forced inside all the pain I could stow,
I tried my hand in being a ghost,
Tried to leave all those loved most,
And when that ghost had failed to rise,
I counted the days till my demise,
To sweep it all beneath the rug,
Forgetting and loneliness were my drug,

It started one day, just at a mall,
My pillars began to shake and fall,
Unwilling to bear the weight of another,
At first in your arms my self smothered,
And you would guide me down that road,
To face my demons, avert my woes,
You were the truest person I needed,
Bringing forth the love for which my heart pleaded.

It's you who righted…

by alwayscurious


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