Nothing is ever, every as bad as it may seem. Life is hard, it's rough. There are going to be times when u feel hopeless and powerless. There going to be times when you may not have enough, you may have to go without some things that u feel u need. But during these times it's when u HAVE to realize that u are POWERFUL and you do have HOPE. Being upset, sad even depressed is not going to make things any better. In fact it can make things worse, because now your stress and your in a negative mind space. Stress is the cause of a lot of deadly illnesses. U have to realize that there is always someone worse off then u. Things can always get worse. But u have to believe and trust whatever deity u believe in. You have to force yourself to think positively. You have to learn to look at situations differently. For me God is my father, my deity, who strengthens me when I am down. And when things don't go my way as sometimes they won't I start looking at it from a new perspective. Maybe there is a reason I'm going through this, maybe it's to help me grow or to let me be a blessing in someone else's life! Maybe it's to keep me away from something I don't need. See God works in mysterious ways, often we pray for things and ask for themselves expecting them to be given to us instantly or easily. But we never expect that we would have to work for it or go through some things to get it. I know I haven't always thought like that, I asked God to make me more humble, he put me in a situation where I had no choice but to be humble, he took some things away from, and while it did hurt and sometimes it still do, I am a better person because of it. I've asked God to put great ppl in my life, to give me friends that would be like family, well he did but it wasn't easy, he removed some ppl I thought I needed and some that I thought I didn't need. See these past four years have been the hardest years of my life, I've been ill, in poverty, abandoned and failed many times. However I am grateful for everything because thru everything I've learned a different lesson, I know God has great plans for me because he's constantly putting amazing ppl in my life despite where I am. I've learned to be empower and strong and not let things I can't control beat me down. I can't control that sometimes I don't feel well because I'm sick, i can't control that right now i am unable to afford my meds. I can't help that I can't where I live but I can help how I RESPOND to these things. I can be thankful that there is even medicine available, I can be thankful I'm not on my death bed. I can speak into existence this too shall pass and I am becoming strong. Nd one that has helped me more than anything is to be a blessing to someone else, speak life into someone else! I know what it's like to be sad nd I don't want others to feel that well, so even though I might only have a dollar I can buy that homeless person some chips, or pray for that young girl at church. I can stop being selfish and think of others in their situation. The only thing in this life that you will EVER control is YOURSELF!!!!! And despite what u think MONEY will not solve all your problems, because you will always have problems and disappoints, but those disappoints help u appreciate the good things, the plants can't if there's no rain and a diamond can't be made if there's no pressure. So the next time u feel down. 1) be thankful for whatever lesson your learning
2)be a blessing to someone inspire them even when u don't feel like
3)change your mind, and realize that depression can produce action but action can
4) appreciate the ppl u do have in your life
5) take sometime for yourself and meditate on ur situation (not pity) meditate, think of what u have vs what others don't have
6) be joyful, less complaining, spread love!
I pray this post has encouraged and inspired you!
Peace & Blessings!!!

Nothing is ever, every…

by afrojustice


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