'OK, let's go over this one last time and we're through. I'm serious. I will not repeat this again.

'Your inspiration is yours. Not his, not hers. Yours. You can't watch a Scorsese Best-Of list and claim to have found all the answers. You'll mostly just pretend to chance upon something profound. Maybe you won't feel a thing. And you're not supposed to anyway. It's not your inspiration. It's his.

'When someone shares with you something that really moved them, they're actually sharing a few seconds of strong emotion they felt then. You should know that everything that had ever happened to them in their life up to that point played a big, big role in making that moment.

'Now, unless you claim that you strolled off to some surreal Life Photocopy store and Xeroxed Scorsese's life and lived it as tribute, you're not going to feel what he felt. It's not your moment to feel.

'Instead, make your own inspiration. Go look for books that you want to read because you like them. Not because they made the Goodreads Top 20 in 2013.

'Good case in point - remember how whiny Holden sounded in Catcher? Remember how you said you should have just read a Palahniuk instead? Do more of that. You can't waste eight reading hours of your life because some list beat your real interests. Go on. Don't be a website.'

Your inspiration is yours

by abhinandan


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