Smart boy. Bespectacled. Picks up a Hindustani Instrument at 6. Maybe Tabla or Veena or Sitar. Passes Jr & Sr levels while in school. A master of the instrument at 17. Respectful to elders. Mildly religious. Woefully unaware of global pop-culture.

There’s more to him.

Speaks little of his masturbation habit. Almost ashamed of it. Stays far away from drinks. Frowns at classmates who listen to English music. Secretly loves the idea of dating. Fears rejection. Doesn’t date. Tells himself he has himself and his mind.

Chooses a conventional career. Engineering or Chartered Accountancy. Not a flashy profession. Music can’t pay the bills.

Almost certainly a virgin before marriage. Has two children. Three is risky. Chauffeur-driven to private schools. Enlisted in Tabla class. A flash in the pan.

Kids outgrow established norms. Take to American pop-culture. Refuse to speak regional languages. Mock his tastes. Clashes at home.

They leave home. He grudgingly tries to see what they see. He keenly listens when they talk. Notices virtues and values. Gives up telling them what to do. Accepts their preferences. First uncertainly, Then proudly.

Does what he should have at 18. Finally grows up.

The Sitar Hero Stereotype

by abhinandan


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