I’ll launch right into it. The saddest thing imho is not being able to express what you truly believe. It’s a gutting feeling, like an involuntary anchor pulling you down.

I hate it when I can’t coherently express what i believe in. I hate it more when this happens to me when I need it the most. Like when I’m arguing. You’re going for the kill, with that one punch-like point that you’re sure will own the discussion… and it all goes wrong. You fuck up the delivery and just end up repeating yourself. Almost pleading with the other person to get it. It's fucking pathetic.

And then everything else follows, y’know. They scoff at you, you get pissed, you forget reason and you’re just a blabbering piece of mass. I’m telling you. It’s the saddest thing. Not just imho. It’s the saddest thing. Period.

The saddest thing imho

by abhinandan


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