Do we need strength to overcome and overpower others? Those who don’t believe the same things, live the same way, practice the same rituals, vote for the same people, value the same things, as us? Me? You?

Beating people only produces one thing: beaten people.

Elizabeth Milani, Pktfuel

#PktFuel thank you!

by Writing4rrr


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    For most of my life I had not believe I could possibly meet my dream soulmate who thinks, acts, muses, savors the exact same values n things. Zane last week, this magical soulmate appeared. We are still in deep shock by the mere realization that we actually exist for each other! Hold onto all your dreams. One day I hope all of you out there shall find your soulmates! Miracles do happen even to those who feel they don't deserve a perfect fairy tale ending:) over 3 years ago

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    n YES, we voted the same of course over 3 years ago

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    Right?What's the point of beating people up, when you can lift and inspire them, or help, or benefit to them, and fill their cup to the brim like the great Andrew Carnegie puts it over 3 years ago

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    this is beautiful. thank you! 3 years ago

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    ss 2 years ago