We are born not with five senses but with seven. The first five senses everybody knows how to use correctly as they are promoted well within the social economic system to benefit the materialistic economies we live in. However, sense 6. Intuition, the majority of people have forgotten how to be in tune and utilise this sense properly and sense 7. Knowing, nearly all people have forgotten our God given birth rite of understanding who we really are and those that suspect normally fall into the trap of religion and servitude. The social, economic and political systems subtly promote the first five senses, to see, hear, smell, touch and taste in which we are educated of and ignores the other two, by not bringing them to our awareness and understanding at a young age leaving us confused throughout the whole of our adulthood of our real potential and leaving us to fall into the trap of servitude which only serves a pyramid system where everything flows upwards to an elite few at the top who really benefit. Now that the tables are beginning to turn and mass awareness is growing and people can self educate and question by turning to a free internet, the elite few have decided to keep us even busier, living in fear of each other, tied, stressed, and now ill, so they can profit from us even further. Whilst they plan to depopulate societies throughout the globe leaving only the strongest to survive so they can enslave the remaining few. It is not that the world is overpopulated, it is simply the systems that have been devised or promoted through investment by the elite few to benefit their greed and aspirations for power and control, that are destroying our planet, societies and humanity. The answers are to simply flow with nature and utilise its power and resources naturally. In reality religion is confusing us, as most people of faith take their religion, scriptures and stories literally instead of understanding its deeper meaning and coded language that they really hold. Science and technology has been beneficial in many areas, such as saving lives, but it is also failing us in many other areas with its abrasive actions on our environment and nature that is truly contributing to destroying our environments and the planet. What amazes me more than anything is when I see the human spirit and normal people of all ethnicities or faith work in unity and come together, now that is something that feels right within, as we can all learn so much from each other and non more so than from indigenous tribes and cultures of the world when it comes to ourselves and our relationship with nature. So lets stop being dictated to by corrupt politicians who only look to benefit corporate sponsors and private investors and start realising our true potential as you were all born for a purpose in these dark times. Lets start finding out our true potential and remembering who we really are as a body of people who stand up and say NO MORE, THIS STOPS NOW! and start changing things within our local communities by working with and learning from each other and growing this momentum like an expanding balloon until it merges with other communities, villages, towns, cities and countries. Lets not only take back our freedom and dignity but also our humanity, for when the individual truly understands senses 6 and 7, one can only feel eternal love for thyself, everyone and everything on this beautiful planet as we are all really from one source or God. Then we can enjoy this paradise that has been lost for what it is meant to be, heaven on earth.

The seven senses are;
1. To see
2. To hear
3. To smell
4. To touch
5. To taste
6. Intuition - (From Within/ Heart Chakra) Love and healing, a strong inner feeling to love thyself and love for each other as we are all from the same source of energy or God as we become or are born as individual strands of energy or spirit into a physical body to look after each other and protect this beautiful planet which is also a living organism or Gaia.
7. Knowing - (From Without/ Merging With Crown Chakra) eternal energy and regeneration or spirit and rebirth of source or God. Leading to a feeling of eternal love, freedom, and enlightenment.

Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon about ‘love’ should have touched a chord with everyone. For every human being this is the only feeling you are born with and is the only language and feeling we take with us. It is the strongest energy in the universe, it is love.

We are born not…

by Theorise


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