It's a snow day. My husband called in sick. It's not so bad. Except for the part where the kids spilled my beer.
{Yes, Lydia, you can drink beer on a snow day. Especially on a snow day. Join me. But learn from me: keep a safe distance between your beer and your kids. You're welcome.}
But the snow is falling steadily, at a rapid clip and I'm typing this one-handed while bouncing a baby on my knee. The big kids are watching Despicable Me and waiting for their cousins to come over to play in the snow out back. I have a running list in my head of all the things I'll do once I get a little time and space. I did the first part this morning, venturing out over snowy roads to pick up various materials and foodstuffs and gifts needed to tackle the rest of the list.
*fast forward ten minutes*
Ok, no more bouncing baby on my knee. He's napping, one big kid fell asleep in front of the movie and the other is on her way. The snow is still falling. It's the kind of snow, that if it's going to snow, it should be this kind of snow. I still call bullshit on this snow day.
I also just found out that our school district got rid of February break... permanently. I'm of two minds about this: one, if I forget that I'm not disgustingly rich, or even just a little rich, I'd bemoan the fact that we could've escaped to warmer climes for a week! The other is, I'm not disgustingly rich or any kind of rich, for that matter, so hooray for school.
It took awhile for me to get into the holiday spirit this year and I'm still not totally into it yet but our little Christmas tree helps. And the stockings hung on the mantel. And the snow falling outside. Have I mentioned the snow falling outside? Still, it is hard to grasp that Christmas is *next week*. Next week. I just have to get through this week, the teacher gift-making and baking, then my husband is off for 14 glorious days. In those wonderful days, I plan to do exciting things like finish reading two books that I'm in the middle of and start two books that I need to finish by the second week in January, for my blog. I'm stupidly excited at the prospect of burrowing down on the couch underneath my new Utility Canvas blanket, gifted to me by the Pathways Togo board and sticking my nose in a book for more than ten minutes at a time without falling asleep. But maybe I will fall asleep. Maybe I will take a nap in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY, ON THE COUCH. Crazy times ahead.
But for now, falling snow, napping children, impending visitors and a gotta-get-it-done list.

A Snow Day.

by TheRealNani


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