Emptiness- And How To Dispel It
Some people, I feel, whisper words that drench your soul with a certain kind of emptiness. An emptiness that grows heavier as the words multiply and refuse to be dispelled. You live with this weight, trying to shift it now and then. From your heart to your mind to your heart to your mind; it stays and soaks every molecule of your being. You are but a penumbra. One half of you tries to pull its twin, tries to become whole again. But you see, you let somebody tell you that only another person can make you whole; That you need somebody to make you feel like you exist.

Oh silly child, drink a cup of tea. You are alive, you already exist. Go buy yourself some flowers, sit at a park bench and watch the world twist and turn. You are your own universe. You cultivate your own being; you water it with stories and plant experiences around. Nourish your heart and cherish this beautiful mind of yours. When you accidently drink from a jug of emptiness, remember to fill it back with your own ebullience. You remember how it felt to carry somebody else’s weight lugged on your back. You remember that the only weight you have to carry through life is your own. You remember that honey.
- Shiuli Dutta

Emptiness- And How To Dispel It

by Tempestia


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