The seed of artist is fragile and delicate.
You gotta nurture it with great care,
for it can be very easily ruined by temptations of the world.

A lot of love, trust and persistence are needed.
Yet, once you taste the infinite sweetness it gives,
and are filled with the infinite bliss in ecstasy,
you can never go back.
No return is there.

The depth. The richness. The intensity.
Finally every cell of your body awakes.
Alive. You are!

This moment becomes your guiding light to walk along your path, unceasingly and courageously.

This light expels the darkness of ignorance, fear and doubt that are coming to you like crazy wild waves at the middle of the night.

Whenever the darkness appears,
recall this light,
the light of creativity,
the light of Divine,
the light of your true Self.

This is you.
Your true nature is light.

Remember this, you shall thrive.
You would become the light of this world.
This is your duty: be the light, by creating your life.

Create, you are the light.

Create, you are the light

by ShukYin


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