You're always there
To catch my fall.
To listen to rants,
When I make no sense at all.

You make me laugh
When I'm about to cry.
Never questioning once,
If I refuse to say why.

You've seen me for me
And every flaw in between.
Yet there you still stand,
When I need somewhere to lean.

We share all our problems.
No matter how big,
Nor how small.

And sometimes we simply,
Do nothing at all.

Thanks for being the best friend
I could hope for and more.
I'm so lucky you picked me
To take on this adventure.

Ultimately we make
An eccentric pair.

But there's no one else
With whom
I'd rather
Let down my hair

Merry Christmas
My bae, bub and boo.
And Happy New Year.
Here's to me and you!

You're always there To…

by Sarah-Jayne


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