As I prepare for my interview today, I sit back and think of all the times when we take a single moment, and make it define our whole life.

I had the privilege of learning a lot of lessons in my life at a very young age, but the one I feel is most important would be to never give up. Take this into perspective when you think about your faith and how easily we just blame Him when things go hard, but praise Him when they go well. This is wrong. Everything, from a simple mathematic equation to learning a new instrument that may take you years, is a new challenge. And with challenge comes resistance, because you grow and improve in who you are.

Me and one of my best friends recently agreed that sometimes life puts you in a certain position because that is the only way you would have learnt the lesson you have from that circumstances. This is also where faith and courage come in to continue with what you started. We so often ask for opportunities and guidance, but we lack the courage to pull through when things are hard.

I have a few dreams in my life that are truly amazing. Some that would be called impossible by some, but the beauty of challenge is that to me, it's a sense of confirmation that the thing I asked for is close, and the challenge, oppression, fear or doubt in me is a sign that it's possible. Everything we touch and use today was once an idea, matured into a reality from dust particles and stone.

So I'll keep my head up when I am strong, and pray when I am weak because I know the outcome is much more than I could ever plan if I choose to continue and become a master in that wich I am passionate about.

I guess that's why success is such an appealing subject today because it's the highest form of freedom anyone can feel when they achieve it.

A lesson to those faced with c

by RIchardOosthuizen


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