Through the power of choice, you may change direction anytime you choose.

You may choose to resist anger, and if you truly made the choice, it will happen.

You may choose to end any addiction, whether chemical or behavioral, and it will be ended.

You may choose to seek truth, and you will find it.

You may choose to give in, and you will fall.

But you may choose to stand up again, and you will gain strength.

You may choose to begin wherever you like, but BEGIN!

But unless you are mightier than I, do not choose to change all of yourself at once. It is a very heavy burden. Instead, pick one of your burdens, divide it from yourself, and then rule it. Then, climb the next mountain.

You may choose to go Home, or you may choose to stay where you are.

Peace be with you.

© 5/27/2016 Jedidiah Fleming
Feel free to share, but not for material gain!

CHOICE by Jedidiah Fleming

by MrTrismegistus


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