How to Accessorize for a Fancy Evening Event
Written by Nancy Mangano

Fashion and beauty accessories help transform casual and dull clothing into stylish, trendy outfits. Accessories are often worn in a secondary manner to your garments and are used to complement your outfit. Accessories lets you express your unique identity and true personality.

Fashion accessories are categorized in two ways; They are carried (purses and sunglasses) and worn (jewelry, hats, headbands, gloves, watches, and stockings). The most common form of accessory is jewelry. When attending an evening event you want to stand out, sparkle, and shine. A great way to pull this off is by adding either customed or fine jewelry to your outfit. They can be in the form of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and head wreaths.

Rhinestone or diamond jewelry sets off black evening dresses to a tee. Simple and elegant dresses, when paired with shiny studded jewelry, turns the look up to sheer beauty. The types of jewelry that help you accessorize often include gemstones, amber, coral, beads, diamonds, shells, and precious metals. As a fashion lover myself, the accessories that I choose to wear to elegant evening events are often more fun to put on than the outfit I select.

The word jewelry is actually derived from the word jewel. Accessories made from exquisite gems and stones always spruce up your outfit and work wonders to take it from daytime casual to elegant evening wear. For an evening dress fashion tip that always wins, think the plainer the clothing, the fancier you accessorize.

Once you are dressed to perfection, book a Mobile Styles health and beauty professional to create your desired hairstyle and apply a glorious makeup job that highlights and brings out the beauty of your face. The Mobile Styles glam squad saves you the hassle of worrying about how you’re going to beautify yourself for your exciting and fancy evening event!

One way to excel at accessorizing with the right amount of neck jewelry is to consider the neckline of your garment. Long necklaces look great with V-neck and turtleneck garments. For plunging necklines, you will look outstanding wearing a tight choker. When you need accessories that will add glamour to your garments, you’ll always win with either a rhinestone choker and earrings or a diamond choker and earrings. Pure elegance!

Popular gemstones that shimmer, shine, and glisten are amber, amethyst, emerald, jade, jasper, quartz, ruby, sapphire, and turquoise. Elevate your outfit “to the nines” by adding glitzy accessories that bedazzle and shine.

Another popular way to accessorize is by wearing pearls, platinum, gold and silver jewelry. For all fashion divas that feel you can never over-accessorize, behold a body of sparkling jewels: a mesmerizing feast for your eyes.

I know there are times where you feel like less is more. For those times when you’re attending a ritzy nighttime affair, why not dress in a beautiful evening wear garment and no accessories? The fanciness of the dress catches your eye and has enough elegance to pull off a zero accessory look, yet still appear lovely and classy, fit for the nightlife!

Whether you prefer to cover yourself in evening accessories or wear a more refined look, accessorizing for a fancy evening event lets you shine as you walk in a room.

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Beauty never looked so easy and good!

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