When the temperature rises and the days get longer, you know it's time to buy new accessories to pair your wardrobe with. Bucket bag is one of the latest trends that Gucci and Hermes are bringing to the mainstream.

Gucci adds that touch of elegance needed to the basket, making this bag desirable to all by bag lovers, and is the perfect accent piece for summer fashion. Similarly, Hermes put his unique stamp of luxury and glamour by creating an ideal leather basket to give that je ne sais quoi to any cotton dress this summer. My style tip is to opt for a neutral tone.

The bucket bag is one of the most influential trends of 2018. I fell in love with bucket bags because of its minimalistic design. It's an ideal accessory that complements any summer or fall fashion trends. Undoubtedly, the bucket bag just like the retro sunglasses is an accessory you must add to your personal collection. ASAP!

That's why Mobile Styles is bringing you three different styles of bucket bags that complement any outfit regardless of the occasion or the time of day.

Less than $30: PVC Bucket from US Romwe $13.99

Thanks to its material, this bucket bag is ideal for summer. You can pair it with any color. The mini bag inside hides your belongings or you can walk outside your house with just the PVC bucket to show off what you have in your bag. It's the perfect two-in-one bag!

Less than $50: Red Bucket from Asos on Sale for $45

The vibrant colors are ideal for the summer season, but the color red is one of the colors that we will see also in the fall. This Asos bucket bag will go great with jeans and a t-shirt. It's the must-have casual look or a classic outfit for the office. What I love the most about this bag is its simplicity and minimalistic design adds versatility to your beautiful collection.

More than $100: Elegant Bucket Bag from Moda Operandi $385

If you want to invest in a beautiful and sophisticated bag perfect for all year round, you need to check out this leather Danse Lente. It's chic, elegant, and glamorous. This geometric bucket bag is perfect for a special occasion or for people with a more contemporary style. These also come with shoulder straps.

I hope these three kinds of bucket bags inspire you to search for the perfect bucket bag that suits your style. Make sure to take advantage of all the amazing summer deals out there.


by MobileStyles


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