He never was a romantic person but she made him feel like he was on top of the world. Sounds cliché but he felt like the little moments they had were just like those movies she always made him watch with her. She never asked him for special gifts but would secretly hope he would bring her favorite flowers. She didn't ask for much even though she gave her all. He was everything to her. She always made him feel better and... She knew she was everything to him.
Her eyes shined everytime she thought of him. Her love would crawl beneath her skin, craving for his touch. His laugh filled her heart like a storm fills a river.
Until one day, he looked at her. He thought. How could she be so perfect with all her imperfections? How could she be so cute when she was mad and so beautiful with no makeup on? She was the light of his life. The one that made him a man.

It's sad that he could only see that after he lost her.

Just a feeling...

by Maryyff


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