Are you an adventurous? Do you want to know new cultures? This is your ideal job. We are searching people who would be able to investigate different tribes and cultures in Latin America and Africa. The assigment has a duration of one year, travelling and knowing different ways of life.

When you have all the information, conclusions, a deep knowledge about the environment and a comparision between the occidental culture and others, then you will collect it all in a book (helped by an expert) and you will publish it. If you are a good worker, you could repeat the experience on Asia and United States.

We need a specific kind of people. People that can be dynamic, daring and good-observers. Is essential to have experience like a backpacker or wide knowledge of survival on diverse ambits. Naturally, you need some studies on journalism, sociology or antropologhy.

You will receive a formation course at the begining, all the necesary equipment and the resources to survive every month. You won’t receive a fixed salary, because it depends on the circumstances, but when you finish the work, you will have collected 30.000€ and part of the benefits of the book.

We hope you consider this offer. We are waiting for your calling at: 942 08 36 41

Santander, December 13th 2016

EXPLORERAre you an adventurous

by MariiaTorresB


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