Our city's full of snotty punks
Running around with no one to love
I'm driving in a spider
at a hundred miles an hour
Waiting to crash and burn

the worst thing you could think of
Is now spitting all over where you're from
With fiery whiskers
and torn up pictures
Family die and no-one knows why

Now you're a spider from mars
You didn't believe it would be so far
Weeping for your sister's sister
Crying out for someone to save her
Come on, let's go

Let's see where we go when we die
Let's see where we go when we're flies

A slow moving iceage is coming for us
Freeze our bones and solidify us
It's just superstition and myth
The facts are there but America says its a fib
I guess we'll just have to agree

Believe everything and deny nothing
Two years ago it might have meant something
I guess stoning's the mission
Since everything's right in that book of fiction
Screw it, everything's backwards

Let's see where we go when we die
Let's see where we go when we find out
Nothing's a lie

Come on, let's go already
Bring your friends and family
All your worst enemies
Come on, let's go

Let's See Where We Go

by Likeapiginacage


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