Packed like pigs in a truck
Grazing on a scrap of meat
They fed us our mothers and fathers
And drove us off the streets

Cannibalised nanna Pat
and the rest of the nearly dead
Cut up Uncle fred
Boy he tasted GREAT

Jesus Christ turn out the lights
Jesus Christ stole my wife
Here's to the future
When the truth's a mile wide

Its no use buying anything
Because we all end up on a pike
Where does mummy go
When she jumped in the lake

Apples kept me alive
in a time of poverty and computers
When little girls play with fire
And perverts play with wires

Only a FUCKER like you
Could sit around and make the rules
Twiddling your thumbs like guns
Abd lining us up against the wall

Claustrophobic Anxiety Blues

by Likeapiginacage


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