A love extraordinary,
I do not desire, she said,
It feels more like hyperbole,
And pandering to the despondent,
Dreamed up by gifted storytellers,
Fed to us on a platter,
Gobbled up by naive generations,
I want love that is believable,
Human and flawed like me,
What kind of love is that?, I protested,
Love needs to be profound, epic, transcendental!,
She chuckled and ruffled my hair,
I don't want a thousand ships to set sail,
To win me back, she said,
Or for anyone to build a mausoleum to honor my memory,
I want my love to be,
The rose petals you hide in your diary,
My aroma in your bed long after I'm gone,
My voice trapped in your head,
humming your favourite song,
That piece of paper, I scribbled my name and number on,
The one thing that stays no matter,
how many wallets you switch,
I want to be the sweetness,
that betrays every random kiss,
I want to be no where but still hidden in your everyday,
No, I don't want epic,
I'm too enamored by the ordinary.

- Imroz Adeeb Naqvi


by Imroz16


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