gravitating towards the door
i am what i choose,
i've been begging for
since the first time
i saw the sky
i'm a static mess
i want to coalesce
with its meaning
.i want the door.
a long time ago
a few heavy sunsets ago
i was an emptiness

you riot,
does the pomegranate taste sweeter where you rest?
is the relief palpable?
are you breathing deeper?
you're still making choices
still becoming

summer child
june chose the deathbed
never had drier eyes
we had a few laughs
to lighten up all things inevitable
we're still making choices
still becoming

if heaven sits like a crown
upon the head of the firmament
how much wonder does it take
how many choices still left
to reach it?

Some things we should never turn...

by Hypethral


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